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White Oak Kitchen Cabinet Trend: Summit Kitchen Renovation

Choosing a wood finish that you want to use throughout your home design is one of the most impactful choices to be made when deciding what you want your home to feel and look like.

We have all seen the phases of wood finishes in interior design constantly changing and varying. From yellow woods, cherry, to dark woods, and now light woods. What you may have thought would last forever..."and never go out of style", it's inevitable that at one point the idea of timeless design will evolve. Trends of course do come and go, but light oak wood seems to be the one that will be sticking around for a while.

White oak’s ability to seamlessly blend from space to space, it is the go to for recent homeowners and top level designers. The natural and muted tones, and subtle textures, give the home a raw and organic look, making it feel very relaxed, bright and at ease. Whether it is being used as flooring or for custom cabinetry millwork, white oak can never go wrong. In a bathroom or kitchen, pairing it with the perfect wall tile, hardware, stone and fixtures can turn what once was a simple bathroom—simply into something that feels so luxe and right out of a five-star hotel.

So, why white oak? White oak is here to stay. It’s versatility to be used in so many ways allow for endless opportunities that will take the richness of the design, and your home, to the next level. Check out this kitchen we did in Summit, New Jersey and see for yourself how gorgeous white oak cabinets can be.


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