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Don’t Be Afraid of Wallpaper: Tudor Dining Room

It can take a big leap of faith going from simply picking a paint color to choosing a wallpaper. You may not even know where to start, whether it be intimidating and feel so permanent, or maybe it just brings you back to the thought of your grandmother’s living room from the 70’s.

Incorporating mixed patterns, textiles, and color into the design within your home is the perfect way to add interest. Opting for the perfect wallpaper choice is the easiest way to combine them all. Some of our favorite wallpaper designers to source from include Rebecca Atwood, Philip Jeffries, and ALT for Living. The patterns, each to their own, are unique, interesting, and distinctive. When used in any space, whether it be a kitchen, office, or powder room—it gives each room a sense of its own individuality.

Some wallpapers, on their own, are a work of art. One of my favorite projects that I have done is in a Garden City Tudor. Sourcing a floral wallpaper for this client was a big push—in which she definitely faced those initial doubts too.

This interior space was transformed into something that looks like it was straight out of fairytale storybook. Reflecting upon the Tudor style exterior, it was important to remain and reflect those charming characteristics on the interior as well. The answer to that for this space-- floral wallpaper. The muted varying green tones, pops of a deep red and rose, and the warm creamy textile selections compliment each other so well that the, what once seemed so nerve racking floral pattern, is now the most show stopping feature in this home.


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