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Trend: The Non-White Kitchen

Face it, we have all imagined once in our life time that our dream kitchen looks something like white cabinets, marble stone top, beautiful hardwood floors, and the perfect pendants. And while all of those elements do create a lovely design, why stick with just the basic white and neutrals when you can create an even better dream kitchen than you imagined!

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where you want your family to feel most welcomed, where you will entertain guests, and most likely the space you will spend a a majority of your time. When designing for clients, people often start off with… “I want something that I won’t get tired of in five years”. There are many ways to go about designing a kitchen, avoiding the basic whites, but still accomplishing a timeless design.

You can never go wrong with a subway tile. The subway tile itself is timeless, but there are so many choices in sizes, arrangements, color, pattern and textures, that this alone will already bring your dream kitchen to the next level. In a Pre-War Brooklyn Brownstone project, the use of a deep blue elongated subway tile from Ann Sacks throughout the entire wall space, seamlessly leads your eye from one point to the next.

Varying cabinetry millwork is a great way to bring in another color and finish. In the same project, the upper cabinets and paneled appliances are hand painted a warm cream color with a satin finish from Farrow and Ball, pairing it with lowers in a moody, rich ebonized wood and a deep veined stone. Even in a small space, the black and white mixed in with the pop of blue, creates an eye pleasing balance.

Mixing and matching hardware finish selections is like the accessorizing of an interior space. With a A+ source list from Waterworks, the fixtures and hardware give this kitchen that finishing touch of shine. Carrying the polished nickel from the flush mount and the mounted library sconces, there are two different hardware selections that compliment each other. The hammered detail knob, and the walnut wood pull with a polished nickel wrap detail.

So, back to your dream kitchen…there are so many ways to go about kitchen design that stray away from the basic “timeless white”. Whether it be a pop of color, unique tile selection, or the perfect accessorizing hardware, you can still can make the heart of the home—and your dream kitchen, the most alluring place to be while exceeding all expectations.


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